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Pairs/Trios/Groups Icons!

Pairings/Trios/Groups Icons
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Welcome to Pairings/Trios/Groups Icons!

This community is based upon a similar concept to that of icons100: you apply for a certain subject and make x amount of icons about that subject. This community has some fundamental differences, however.

This community is meant for pairings, trios and groups, not single characters or entrie TV shows/movies. You can choose your pairings/trios/groups from almost any medium (TV, movie, comic books, anime/manga, video games) as long as there are enough images to make at least 26 icons.

When you apply, you choose how many you want to make, as long as it's at least 26 icons. You make this decision based on how readily available pictures are. All of the icons except video games icons must use pictures that are promotional pictures or screencaps. Video games are allowed to use art from Doujinshis as long as the artists get credited in the post for their art.

All icon makers must use themes for at least half of the icons (if you choose an odd number, the bigger amount must be themed icons). There is a theme post that lists the 35 themes to be chosen from. If you are making over 70 icons, then use each of the 35 themes once and that's all.

If you choose a pairing half of the icons you do must show the pairing; the other half can be the individual characters. The other half (that without the other paired character) must not include any other character. For example, if I'm making 100 Cordy/Angel icons, the 50 icons that aren't Cordy/Angel must be Cordy alone or Angel alone.

If you choose a trio this table shows the amount of icons that must show all of the trio:

26 - 40 - 5 icons must be of all of the trio
41 - 60 - 10 icons must be of all of the trio
61 - 85 - 15 icons must be of all of the trio
85 - 100 - 20 icons must be of all of the trio

If you choose a group, you must make 5 icons with as much of the group shown as possible no matter how many icons you choose to make. The only exception is when your group doesn't shoot scenes together, like the Lab Techs on CSI. Then the group rule does not apply.

Do NOT post icons until I have given my approval.

At the specified post, leave this information as a comment. On that post will be a list of taken subjects. Once a set of icons are completed or the person drops out, the subject is stricken through and is available again.

Your LJ name:
Pairing, trio or group?
Names of characters involved:
Name of movie/TV series/comic book/anime/manga:
(movie/TV series/comic book/anime/manga; you can mix anime & manga if your subject has both)
Amount of icons?

Should the subject you want already be taken, you can choose to ask for it on the waiting list.


In the subject line, put your pairing/trio/group and your batch number. Example: CSI Lab Techs, Batch 3

In the post, use this form:

? icons in post, ? accumulated

Themes (if any):
Sharing Information:
Other Information:

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If it's not up at the FAQ post, then comment there or e-mail me.